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OutletExpo 2022 shoppers heaven

OutletExpo is rescheduled to 22–24 April 2022.

Although Finland is currently opening up strongly and fairs will be organized also at Messukeskus in the coming months, the situation has nevertheless affected the companies’ preparation possibilities. Therefore, OutletExpo and The Child Fair is rescheduled to spring 2022.


OutletExpo Cashback: Receive fair tickets from your purchases!

For every purchase over 50 €, you receive one fair ticket. You can use the ticket to visit on any fair of your choice and it is valid during the year 2022.

The maximum amount of received Cashback-tickets for one person is five. You can pick up the tickets from the Messukeskus Office during the OutletExpo fair.
Please, do not forget your receipt. 

There is only limited amount of Cashback-tickets available.